Storage Solutions

Our Data Storage service is a one-stop solution that handles all aspects of data storage, management, and recovery via a combination of hardware and software products. We meet the needs of a wide variety of customers, from small businesses to enterprise businesses. With rapid expansion of data collection techniques to the amount of metadata that supports information gathered, Big Data always means Bigger Storage. IT managers may find this data explosion sparking a challenge for data storage: capacity needs are expanding far faster than budgets.

Our Solution empowers you to tackle Big Data challenges without big costs. You can store over a billion files with this ultra-scalable archive solution. Our Solution leverages LTFS to index data and provide a file-based view of all files in the archive, delivering files on-demand to multiple, simultaneous users. The Following features are provided by the solution.

• Online, All the Time – allows files to be seen or accessed without manual intervention

• Automated Management – flexible policies allow users to control file transfers

• Drag-and-Drop access from a standard files system

• Scalable to more than 35PB for enterprise large data volume storage

• Non-proprietary to protect against vendor lock-down

You may need an immediately or down 10 to 15 years from now. Our Solution ensures that your data is in your hands today and for many years to come.

     Storage Solution