Template/Design Development

Our Structured Design and Development Module is Process Oriented. We Design and Develop various templates for websites and online shopping carts. We make sure that you are well prepared and go through the following the steps - Analyze the requirements, Think tank and Sketch, Design, Development and Maintain.

Analyze the requirements: Consider the requirements to design the website & online shopping cart template. The website/online shopping cart customer provides necessary inputs. We understand the requirements and do some research to check out the competitors for customer and make a note of their valuable elements. This process helps in analyzing the actual business requirements of customer.

Think tank and Sketch: Here the outline for the project is sketched which means a rough outline. Sketches of each page of the project are done to get a clear picture of the ideas. This phase helps the designer and customer to come into a mutual view, which will showcase the understanding of the designer. If there is any change required the corrections can be made within the sketches.

Design: Designing process starts from the initial discussions and planning based on requirements such as preferred colors and elements. Approved sketch is ready and so, the per-planning process is complete to go ahead for the designing. We make use of industry standard design tools to complete the initial graphic design. Once when the design is ready, it is sent to the client for approval and make sure of the changes if anything is requested by the client.

Development:  Design will be converted from the image format to the live working model. As per the clients’ requirement for further interactivity and integration with payment gateway, SMS integration and other are considered.

Maintenance: Client is provided with support and maintenance services, which will make sure the requirements, are met on time. Client can concentrate on their business activity, on getting subscribed with the support and maintenance services. Our Support team provides quality support which is run on our start of art Customer Support Portal.

     Template Design/Development