Web Design & Development

Our web Design & Development is a complete dedicated process to functionally give a facelift to your business. Our expert team focuses on the web design not just from your perspective but from your visitor’s perspective as well. The process is divided into 6 phases.

1. Project Definition

At Proton, the most critical step in the web design process is creating an accurate project definition, the project definition includes.

  • Client Interaction.
  • Project Briefing.
  • Initial technical Specifications.
  • Fix up Project Timeline.

2. Site Structure

We work closely with our customers, our team creates a list of required content and design. Brainstorming sessions are conducted. Regular reviews are held with the customer to review the requirements at every phase of development like.

  • Content & Functionality Outline.
  • Design Site Diagram.
  • Sub pages Description.
  • Frame Designing.

3.Visual Design

During this phase,our designer has a clear idea of purpose of the site, the content that will comprise the site, the site architecture and the elements that need to be on each page. Drawing on the knowledge of design principles, design elements and Customer and Visitor centered approach, the team develops design options that meet the project goals based on

  • Draft Visual Designs.
  • Customer Feedback.
  • Design Finalization.

4. Site Development

In this stage, we get on to the development process. All the parameters are evolved converted into functional metrics and based on the Technical specifications , the work starts with

  • Refine Technical Specifications.
  • Reviews.

5. Testing and Refining

Template and Beta Versions are thoroughly tested The beta testing includes, load testing, failure recovery, security, platform and browser compatibility in terms of

  • QA Testing.
  • Prioritizing.

6. Launch

The Team Plans for the best date to go live. An extensive study is conducted on the planned web site traffic patterns and attempts are made to launch in a way that minimizes downtime. The Management makes sure that everyone in the team is on call for any challenges that might occur during launch with supporting documents like

  • Production Style Guide.
  • Launch Site details.
  • Maintenance Plan.

Implement Maintenance Plan.


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